Laguna Woods ,Laguna Woods Village has three governing Associations. The
  Association governing each home is dependent upon the type of ownership
  as defined above. PCM holds the management contract for
  and offers the community residents a complete maintenance program
  and a multitude of social activities.


The governmental structure of Laguna Woods, originally an un-incorporated section of Orange County, was incorporated as a city in March 1999, and consists of a City Council and Mayor chosen from within the elected Council.  The council functions as most city governments do; contract for police, fire and other public services and administering city funds, etc.  In addition, the governmental structure at  Laguna Woods Village, currently includes three housing corporations and the Golden Rain Foundation(GRF). Each owner in Laguna Woods Village is a member of one housing corporation and the GRF. The housing corporations are responsible for those things directly related to housing and the adjacent land. The GRF is responsible for directing the operation of all "community" facilities such as the bus system, security, clubhouses, golf courses, stables, lawn bowling, etc.  Each of the Corporations contracts with Professional Community Management (PCM), a property management firm to manage their respective area of responsibility.  The three Mutuals are as follows:


      Cooperative:                 United Laguna Hills Mutual                   6,323 memberships

      Condominium:              Third Laguna Hills Mutual                      6,102 owners

      Rossmoor Towers        Laguna Hills Mutual Fifty                       311 owners


Each Mutual has a board of directors composed of residents elected by popular ballot of their peers.  The Golden Rain Foundation (GRF) is elected by the Directors of the three mutuals to manage, control and run the community facilities. In addition to the boards of directors, some 26 advisory committees exist to assist in the complex job of managing such a large community.




10   Craft Workshops

5   Pools                                                                      
2    Garden Centers (933 cultivation plots)

6   Tennis Courts (2 lighted)                                       

2    RV Storage Areas (413 spaces)


2   Golf Courses (27-hole championship course)              

                          (9-hole 3 par executive course)

1    Library

3   Lawn Bowling Greens                                            

14   Manned Security Gates


18  Shuffle Board Courts                                             

1    Auditorium/Theater (834 seats)


1   Equestrian Center (40 stalls, 3.5 miles of trails)           
1    Administrative Bldg/ 1 Service Center


            Laguna Woods Village, gated community encompasses 2,095 Acres , 3.27 Sq.Mi
Gary Peterson
Gary Peterson
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